Harvest Theme

Over the years, we’ve noticed a number of things about the themes we used to build our client sites. The biggest one by far was that we kept having to change the way they worked to get the right effect for our clients. So that’s why we decided to build our own.

Want to get the best of all the things we picked up along the way? Check it out here and see why we think it is a better fit than anything we’ve used so far.


Eric has a thing for maps. He’s even been known to spend oddly large amounts of time examining old maps to see how things have changed. It’s no surprise then that he decided to write a plugin to connect to the Google Maps APIs and make flexible way to put anything you want on it.

Want to help people find your products? Show a map of retailers that carry your products!

Real Estate Listings? Add the list – we’ll build the map.

Business Directory? Boom!

You can also use the premium extensions to automatically display information from the Google Places API such as operating hours. All tuned to help you manage the costs associated with Google’s services without running afoul of Google’s terms of service.

What Will You Build?

Interested in learning how you can include one of our products into your WordPress site? Need help customizing it for your exact uses? We can help!

We’re ready to help you add real function to your website that helps you connect, engage, and provide online solutions. Drop us a line so we can get started on making your site work for you!

Value Calc

This plugin is highlighted in our TableUp project. We built the plugin so that customers could build a questionnaire and then calculate personalized results for each visitor to the website. The information is then logged for your sales team to reach out to interested customers and follow up.

The plugin features a few very practical features:

  • Grouped calculations that can apply to different product offerings within the same questionnaire
  • Results automatically emailed to site visitors for continued reference
  • Saved questionnaires so visitors can return to incomplete surveys later to finish without having to start over
  • Available synchronization add-ons to automatically transmit survey results to your existing Customer Management Systems such as Hubspot

Woo Domain Coupons

Offering coupons through your webstore can be a great way to promote specific items and get more traffic to your site where you gain the ability to cross-sell and upsell to your customers. Even better is the ability to make that promotion special for specific groups such as individual companies or schools.

Unfortunately, coupon codes can be shared and suddenly you’re offering that same deal to people you never meant to share it with.

We made a very simple but powerful add-on to WooCommerce that takes the management of that coupon code from being used by others. This add-on only lets the coupon be used by those with a specific domain in their email address. That means only the people checking out using an approved email domain will get the deal!