Fully Functional E-Commerce

Two Row Studio specializes in combining the ease of WordPress content management with e-commerce through WooCommerce. This e-commerce mainstay is based on over a decade of providing digital storefronts complete with everything needed to begin selling your products to anyone with an internet connection.

The basic plugin lets you setup products, create variations, take payments, and monitor inventory and shipping options. Needless to say, setting up any e-commerce system is a complex undertaking, but fear not! Two Row will be with you all the way to get everything ready to go.

Your Shop – Your Way

Sure, you could use one of those prebuilt e-commerce services. Problem is you dont’ want to. They take surcharges, make logistics difficult, and never seem to look the way you want your store to work. Your online shop should be an extension of your business – not something you need to adjust your business around.

You have customers that need customized options. You have resellers who need preferred pricing. You have external fulfillment partners with whom you need to connect. In short, you’re not selling T-shirts out of your garage. That’s where we can help. Between existing extensions for Woo and our own experience building custom adaptations, well fit your store to how you do business, not the other way around.

Integration: Supported

WooCommerce is the leading e-commerce solution for WordPress and WordPress is the leading content management system for websites. That means business systems from logistics, to marketing, to inventory and ERP systems all plug into WooCommerce. Most integrations are built by major players in web development or the providers of the connected upstream systems themselves.

Two Row fills the gap when something needs a bit of tweak or involves a system that hasn’t been integrated yet. If there’s an API, we’ll get you set up to use it and help your store talk to everything without exporting spreadsheets or text files. Who wants to do that?

Already Doing E-commerce with WooCommerce?

We can get your existing WooCommerce storefront to run faster and more securely with one of our Maintenance Plans! We have options for every performance need and can auto-scale to help you during busy spikes so you don’t miss any sales!

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The Keys to Long-Term Success

Successful online sales are similar to in-person sales. We think of selling as part of a cycle that starts with a problem your products can solve for others. Your e-commerce site has to act like a customer advocate that helps them understand how your product helps them solve that problem and then go on to do more and more with it.

Connect and Educate

Ah, the sale.

What do you appreciate in a good sales associate?

Are they pushy or informative?

Do they repeat features or help you understand the benefits?

You can most likely answer those questions intuitively. Your online store has to act like that good sales associate. Help the potential customer understand why the product has value to them and why buying it will be worth it to them.

How Two Row Studio Helps

Our discovery process helps define your customer’s pain points and how your products benefit them. We’ll guide you through with the mindset of your customers with the combination of your experience and our outside perspective so you can anticipate your customer’s questions and educate them on how you and your products are ready to help.

Transact and Deliver

“Turn anything into an online business”

So many e-commerce solutions offer the a painless solution for your online store. We know you’re smarter than that. You know there is more to the process of making a sale. Beyond converting a prospect into a customer. You still have to clear a transaction and deliver the product. On top of all that, it has to feel easy to the customer.

Taking payments online brings a whole world of security and cost concerns. How do you keep cards safe? How much will your margins be impacted by an increase in credit card sales.

Your business also runs on an inventory. If you already ship to customers, you know the complexities involved. If you don’t, this will be a new experience that has a number of growing pains.

How Two Row Studio Helps

We’ve been there. We’ve done that. We can help you find the right solutions for your business that keep your costs, liabilities, and risks low so you can reap the benefits of this new storefront.

Support and Excite

It is always more efficient to keep a customer happy than start from scratch each time.

How do you do that, though?

The first step is to help them use your product in ways that bring them the most benefit. Giving them tips and trick as well as supporting them when they have questions are just some of the things that can create loyalty and excitement. You can create rewards and incentives that encourage referrals and remind them of upgrades that will bring even more value to them.

But how do you rise above the noise in their social media and email inbox?

How Two Row Studio Helps

Building loyalty starts with a focus on value. If your interactions can help them save time or money and help them do things better, then it will be easier to keep your customers engaged. We’ll help you build customer referrals and repeat business through support tools, rewards programs, and continuing education programs so your customers not only use your product, but love it!

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