Getting to know you is not something we do through a form. To really get a sense of what we can and in some cases can’t do to help you reach your goals, there is no substitute for a little conversation. Every job starts with this simple thing so you can tell us about your goals and we can make sure we know the best way to lend a hand in attaining them.



Where do you want go? What does this project mean to your full vision? We don’t want to build something that you have to throw away before it accomplishes your goals. That’s why we want to explore not only your current needs, but longer term plan. We’ll brainstorm with you and see what is possible.



Some people think focusing in this process is about cutting out many of the fun and exciting things that came from brainstorming.  Instead, it is really more like cutting a path through the field so you can get to the other side and see the whole thing.  While some ideas may change between the first release and the original thoughts, you will begin to see results sooner by taking on the things that create a return for your organization.



Things change. Most important in that vein is the understanding you have of your clients and what they want. While we design for long-term style, we also want to help you remain agile and meet your customer where they want to be. Iteration and feedback are essential to success in a moving world.

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