Online Selling Starter Kit and Playbook


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Online sales are not just a simple matter of product listings and a checkout process. With this holistic builder’s session, we’ll help you build your E-commerce plan so that it fits within your operations. From customer acquisition, to customer education, purchase, delivery and support, you will receive a customized playbook to make the launch of your digital sales offering a success. This session will:

  • Review the buying experience for your customers
  • Identify existing systems that can be used and modified to support digital sales in addition to traditional ones
  • Scope out your fulfillment for digital sales in a way that fits your existing sales and inventory management
  • Describe the needs of your buying flow in detail and identify the requirements of your customized needs
  • Build an initial budget for the project
  • Build an ongoing budget need for continued operation and customer support

The completed playbook will allow you to budget and execute your expansion into digital sales with confidence.